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George Benedict was born in Germany where his father was a Rabbi. When the Rabbi accepted a call to Sheffield the family emigrated to England. There young Benedict attended school. It was his desire to serve the God of his fathers by becoming a Rabbi. Immediately after his BarMitzvah, he applied for admission to the […]

Rabbi Asher Levy

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I was a Jewish Rabbi for 35 years.  Born in Yugoslavia, I was brought up in a very orthodox Jewish home.  I was taught to say formal prayers and wear phylacteries as prescribed for every pious Jew (Deut.  6:8; 11:18).  At the age of 15, I went to the theological school for Rabbis where I […]

Rabbi Philipp Philips

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Philipp Philips came from a religious family, and at an early age he became acquainted with the Jewish literature.  Later he became Rabbi of a synagogue in New York.  One Friday evening he entered the synagogue just at the moment the cantor was singing the words: “O Bridegroom, meet the Bride; let us go forward […]

Rabbi Rudolf Hermann Gurland

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“I have lived in two entirely different worlds, first as a Jew, and then as a Christian; first in a limited world of doubt and superstition under the fearful curse of the law; then, by the grace of God, I penetrated from darkness to light — from death to life.  Since that time I have […]


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By Henry Einspruch, D.D.  He was not yet 20 when he became a Rabbi, and after officiating for several years in different communities in northern Hungary, Isaac Lichtenstein finally settled as District Rabbi in Tapio Szele, where he remained for nearly 40 years, laboring ceaselessly and unselfishly for the good of his people.   Early […]

Rabbi Chil Slostowski

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As a descendent of a number of orthodox Rabbis I received a strict rabbinical education.  I thank God for the mind which enabled me at the age of 17 years to obtain the highest diplomas’ of two Rabbinical Seminaries.  These distinctions, however, did not satisfy me and I continued earnestly to study the Talmud, the […]