Kentucky’s Governor has requested congregations not to meet this weekend due to the corona virus.  Hope in Messiah will cooperate with the governor and close this weekend (March 14 – 15).

In addition, when reading his request in conjunction with another statement he made later about services, it appeared that his concern was “large gatherings.”  So he may not have had congregations the size of Hope in Messiah in mind.

While we can attempt to get clarification during the next week, we certainly want to cooperate with our governor.

We realize that people over the age of 60 are at a higher risk for the virus.  This includes a number of our people.  We want our people to be as safe as possible.

We will let you know if we will be having our service next Saturday, March 21, as this will depend on further developments regarding the virus and updated requests or requirements from our government.

For  now, have a great Shabbat rest.

Please pass this on to everyone who you believe needs to know regarding this.