I. Last time – we saw God miraculously lead Abraham’s servant to the woman who was to be Isaac’s wife.

(a) We saw great examples of godly character

(b) One would think this was the end of the mission, but it wasn’t

II. Closing the deal

(a) The servant meets Laban (verses 28-32)

(b) The servant immediately tells about his mission (verses 33-41)

(c) The servant showed God had selected Rebekah (verses 42-48)

(d) The servant asks for their persmission (verse 49)

(e) The reply from Rebekah’s brother and father (verses 50-51)

(f) The servant’s response (verses 52-54)


Conclusion: Finish the task – don’t get distracted. Learn to recognize when God speaks. Obey immediately and completely when God speak.