The law of Moses vs the law of Messiah – Part 1 of 4 (8/7/2015)

The issue of the law of Moses is perhaps the most critical issue in a healthy Messianic life.

It is greatly misunderstood in at least 3 ways.

  1. What exactly it is:
  2. What its purpose is/why it was given
  3. What one must do to keep the law of Moses
  4. Most critical – it’s role in the life of a believer in Yeshua vs the role of the law of Messiah

As far as Hope in Messiah is concerned, there are many doctrinal issues that are critical to our walking together as a local body of Messiah.

  • Yeshua being the Messiah
  • The tri-une nature of God
  • Yeshua being the only way of Salvation