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Lessons from Esther (02/17/2018)


God is an on time God.  Esther shows us how God will show up just at the right time when we need Him.  Even though He (the name of God) is not mentioned in the Book of Esther, we clearly see how He was present and intervened for His people. Our faith will be increased […]

Genesis 26:6-14 Sister Act, Part 3 (7-31-2015)


Genesis 26:6-14 Sister Act, Part 3 (7/31/2015) Last time we covered the Abrahamic covenenat was given to Isaac & his descendants. There were 3 key aspects (land, seed, and blessing).  We ended with Isaac living in Gerar, a land in the promised land controlled by Philistines, This week we will start where we ended, SISTER […]