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If Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, Then Why Don’t Most Jews Believe in Him?

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It seems rather strange to many skeptical Jewish people that the Messiah could have come and comparatively so few Jews believe it.  Many times the question sounds like this: “So, with all the scholars and rabbis searching to discover the Messiah, you’re the only genius to figure this out?”  The number of living Jewish people […]

Do You Really Expect Me to Believe in Three Gods?

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New Covenant Faith is Jewish! One of the great misconceptions about the faith of New Covenant believers is that “they believe in three gods.” Of course this is untrue from the clear teachings in the New Covenant: “And Jesus answered him and said ‘The first of all the commandments is:  Hear O Israel, the Lord […]

Can a Jew Believe in Jesus and Still be Jewish?

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It depends on who Yeshua* is! The New Covenant presents Him as the Jewish Messiah, (John 1:41, 45 49). If He’s not the Jewish Messiah, then no one should believe in Him. This is because Yeshua’s credentials as “Savior of the World” are based on His credentials as the “Messiah of Israel. If He is […]

Since When Does God Have a Son?

by Jonathan Sacks

Many Jewish people today believe that Gentiles made up the idea that God has a Son.  Why would God need to have a Son?  This concept seems foreign, pagan, and even idolatrous.  It is seen as claim unique to the New Testament with no place in Jewish thought, like some sort of “goyisha boobe-myseh” (Gentile […]

What is the Scriptural Way to God?

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What is the Scriptural Way to God? (Isaiah Avenue)  The Lord God of Israel desires to provide us with rest and peace through an eternal relationship with Himself.  The five following principles from the Prophet Isaiah help us to obtain that relationship with God. Sinners Before God  “All of us have become like one who […]