Worship Service

We meet every Saturday morning from 10:00 – 12:00.  We also have an oneg meal every first Saturday of each month. Torah service is also the first Saturday of each month.  Our worship service consists of traditional liturgy in Hebrew and English, Jewish-style music and dance, a sermon by the Messianic Leader, and more.

We begin each service with the “Sh’ma” and the exhortation to love both God with our whole heart and our neighbor as ourselves.  We pray that our lives will genuinely reflect these priorities.

Some of the Jewish-style music is joyful and lively.  Other music is more worshipful.  One thing we hope—that it is never dull!

The sermons generally emphasize the Jewish foundation of both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament (both of which were written by Jews) and their relevance for our lives.  During Jewish Feasts such as Passover, The High Holy Days, and Chanukah, the sermons address the Biblical passages that describe them, as well as their relevance.

The Jewish Holy Days

We have special services and meetings for various Jewish Holy Days, including Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Hanukah, Purim, and Passover.  The services and meetings include traditional and other appropriate liturgy and music.  The relevance of each feast for a believer in Yeshua (Jesus) is also explained.  Gifts for children are given at Hanukah and Purim.

Other Ministries

Need someone to help with a Passover Seder, or for music or teaching?  If so, then Jonathan and Sara Sacks are available to help!